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Best Websites For Contractors

Best Websites For Contractors 

Job Shack has teamed up with ContractorProWebsites to give contractors the cutting edge advantage over the competition. Not only will your company have a state of the art website with proper SEO but we can get you bidding projects today. Guaranteed!

ContractorProWebsites are Affordable, Professional & Easy to Launch. We provide contractors with everything they need in a website bundled together with all the necessary services into one all-inclusive package including:


·        Website Design with Professional Ready to Use Content

·        Free Site Development

·        Search Engine Optimization Included

·        Email Service Included

·        Unlimited Technical Support



To get started go to or call 1-800-705-2853


What Is Job Shack?

What Is Job Shack?


Job Shack is a subscription based, online construction project database that helps you gain information on large and small scale  commercial construction projects. Job Shack uses all possible resources to get you the most accurate, dependable project  information available. Including dedicated construction project researchers and the latest extraction technologies in the industry today.

Get A Free Construction Lead

 Job Shack is now offering a FREE commercial construction lead to any contractor who wants it. The will be a project of your choosing and in your area. To get your free lead simply go to  

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NACC Partners and Job Shack has a network of job site superintendents that we are able to lease out to any general contractor in the nation. If you are needing a superintendent and not looking to hire full time then this program is for you.


We have superintendents for full time hire as well.


Qualifications: 30 hour OSHA Training, Storm Water, Superintendent Training, Daytime, Night Time and Many  Experience Levels.


If you have a superintendent you would like to lease or if you are a superintendent looking for job placement feel free to contact us.

412-719-3890 or or


Get A List Of The Top 3800 General Contractors In The Nation


All Job Shack members that sign up for a year membership will receive a list of the top 3800 general contractors in the nation. The list shall include company name, address, phone numbers, fax, and emails. All in a searchable excel format. Another great reason to be a Job Shack members!

The Value Of Expired Opportunities

 Expired Opportunities

Every project biding on job Shack will expire and go to the expired opportunities list.

Job Shack members need to see the value in searching the expired opportunities for leads. After a bid date it doesn’t mean that the GC has awarded all the subcontractors the job yet. In a lot of cases GC’s will still take post bids.

Job Shack Facility Maintenance Program For Members

Job Shack Service is a sourcing facility maintenance vendor. We have simplified the facility maintenance industry with our new technology. This technology has a focus on quality, speed and costs. Using this technology managers will spend less time dealing with facility maintenance and more time growing the business. Companies will save time and money with our service guaranteed. 

Why a company would use Job Shack Service:
  24/7 Emergency Service
  Dedicated Project Managers
  Project Pricing Within 4 hours​Time
  Efficient Technology
  ​Compliance knowledge
  Largest Maintenance Network
  Any Size Project
  Specialty Trades​
  Consolidated Billing
​  Preventive Maintenance Audit
  Nationwide Resources
  ​Transparent Billing
ALL Job Shack members are automatically enrolled in the Job Shack Service program.
Job Shack will reach out to you when a maintenance project comes up in your aera.